Homes for Sale in Lutz

Although Lutz, Florida was first established as one of the stops on the Tampa Northern Railroad, which helped carry materials back and forth between Tampa and Brooksville, it is now a part of the New Tampa area of Florida, and is growing and thriving as a community. There are many luxury homes for sale in Lutz, as well as townhomes, villas and more. Chris Henry Realty is very familiar with Lutz and New Tampa, and can show you everything the area has to offer when you check out real estate for sale.

There are so many advantages to purchasing your next home in Lutz, Florida. Most of the homes located in the area are on the newer side, and they are situated near excellent shopping and recreational areas in the greater New Tampa region. The homes for sale in Lutz are also located within an excellent school system, which makes them a great option for those families with kids. Chris Henry has his finger on the pulse of Lutz and New Tampa, and can show you homes that would be perfect for you based on your specific needs. Whether you’re looking for a larger home or something to start off your life in Florida, he can show you properties for sale that fit you and your family.

Since Lutz is located in a part of New Tampa that is growing exponentially right now, there are homes going on and off the market all the time. As a result, it can be difficult to keep up with all of the property for sale in the area. It can also be tough to navigate the real estate market in Lutz if you’re not familiar with the community. Chris Henry has lived and worked in the New Tampa area for years now and knows Lutz like the back of his hand. He can show you a range of properties for sale and answer any questions you might have about buying or selling your next home in Lutz, Florida.

Are you interested in checking out homes for sale in Lutz? Call Chris Henry at 813-917-1523 or email him for more information about what is available in the New Tampa area of Florida.