Refinancing a Mortgage

< p style="margin: 0in; margin-bottom: .0001pt;">“To refinance or not to refinance.”  That is the question.  Probably not a question Hamlet had to ask himself as the crown prince of Denmark.  However, most all homeowners will likely ponder the question at some point in their home-ownership.  If you carry consumer debt in addition to a mortgage,

Financing for Condos

If you have been interested in purchasing a condominium in the last several years since the real estate downturn, you are probably aware of the lack of available financing for condos. Condos are usually the first to devalue and the last to recover from a difficult real estate market. Because of that fact, lender quidelines

Flood Insurance

Unintended consequences were again the effect of new governmental legislation. The result of the Flood Insurance Reform Act. The act was designed to shore up the “under water” national flood insurance program. The actual effects were that flood insurance premiums went haywire and sales of waterfront and “low lying” properties slowed to a crawl. Regardless

Mortgage Options

It pays to do your homework when making big purchases. With home buying being the single biggest investment most people will ever make, it makes sense for home buyers to do as much research as they can. If you are reading this, you are among those savvy home buyers who want to consider all the

The Swiss Army Knife Loan: FHA 5/1 ARM

With the constantly evolving financial market in the wake of “The Great Recession”, the threat of higher interest rates looms on the horizon.  It is good to know there are home financing options for people with high debt to income ratios and/or limited funds.  Bob Saltzman with Everbank sums up yet another “tool” at the

The ARM, or Adjustable Rate Mortgage

Mortgage interest rates have been trending upward for several weeks now which has some prospective homebuyers feeling like they missed another opportunity.  An opportunity to make the biggest investment of their lives in the most affordable period in the history of the Real Estate market!  Many buyers are feeling they missed the boat in spite

How to stay qualified for a mortgage

You’re buying a home.  You’ve done everything right.  You got your mortgage approval first.  You found the perfect home.  You made a good offer that was accepted by the seller.  The home inspected well and appraised for more than the sale price.  You are a week from closing on your dream.  One problem–you no longer